by MG Plantations

Baarbara Berry Coffee, the single origin coffee beans sourced at a high altitude of 3850 - 5350 feet on the Hills of Western Ghats, is a rich mix of the famous Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Baarbara Berry is catering premium Ground coffee in the Indian and international markets and emerging as an exclusive new generation coffee brand among coffee lovers through its captivating aroma, excellent texture and flavour like none other.

Baarbara Berry Coffee is the offering of M.G. Plantations, one of the authentic and superior coffee cultivators in India. Predominantly being known for coffee export business, M.G Plantations has now entered into retail market with launching of Baarbara Berry Coffee. Since 1894 M.G. Plantations has been passing the secret and knowledge of cultivating excellent and rich in taste coffee beans to the succeeding generations on the Baba Budan Giri Hills, which historically is said to be the place of inception of coffee cultivation in India.

Baarbara Berry is a perfect blend of India’s most preferred and widely consumed variety of filter coffee. The coffee beans are monitored by experts, checked for quality and consistency prior to processing and the best of coffee beans, known as the Grade ‘A’ beans which stands out for its flavour and density unlike any other are packaged to reach the end consumer. The delicate beans of Baarbara Berry Coffee go through a thorough fermenting, washing, sun drying and roasting process which enhances the very essence and aroma while brewing. The hygienic and advanced processing techniques add on to the palatable flavour and freshness that lasts until the last bean of coffee is exhausted. Baarbara Berry Coffee is packaged using safe food grade packing with a stand up zip lock pouch which traps the aroma and freshness on every use.

Traditionally the coffee cultivated on the Baba Budan Giri Hills of Western Ghats is well known and in demand for a distinct genetic flavour that it offers which is unmatched by coffee cultivated on any other piece of landscape; it is filled with abundance of nature’s goodness and purity that reflects strongly in every cup of brewed coffee. Baarbara Berry Coffee has the best in class and mesmerizing aroma and a soothingly mild coffee flavour complemented with adequate mix of chicory that is preferred by Indian coffee consumers.

Baarbara Berry Coffee sources roasted chicory from well reputed and long-established chicory growers in Jamnagar, Gujarat- Spring Haven & Co.

The dark roasted coffee beans of Baarbara Berry and the right mixture of 15% chicory complement one another in brewing an amazing combination of refreshingly delicious-mild gourmet coffee.