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MG Plantations LLP in Chikmagalur has over 120 years of foothold in the coffee plantation business; this plantation has witnessed the transformation of coffee industry in India for over a century. MG Plantations till date is owned by one of Chikmagalur’s very well established and well known coffee cultivators hailing from the Indavara family. With a deep rooted history, heritage and expertise that has passed on to generations from the forefathers of this family, the best variety of coffee beans are produced, processed and packaged from the house of MG Plantations.

Around four decades ago the visionary man, Indavara Mallegowda played the key role in revolutionizing the plantations’ business. Under his leadership the plantation went through a tremendous expansion in geography and areas of operation. Following his footsteps, the young generation of coffee makers now, over the last twenty years have further evolved with a passion to continue the family’s inherited trade and entered into the coffee curing and processing industry as well.

MG Plantations is a certified coffee estate. International certification and monitoring bodies Rain Forest Alliance, Nespresso and UTZ have certified the plantation for maintaining healthy, sustainable ecosystem and communities in the area of cultivation, while producing excellent quality of coffee bean.

MG Plantations is located on the high elevated hills of Baba Budan Giri at the altitude of 3850 to 5359 feet and the coffee beans are sourced from a single stretch of land. These two rare characteristics have created immense demand for coffee grown here in the local and international markets. The plantation is situated alongside fragments of agro-forest lands and has remnants of wildlife. This well balanced ecosystem here enhances the purity and soil quality making it extremely compatible for cultivation of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which also are the largely exported and consumed coffee beans in the world.

Currently MG Plantations is a major coffee bean supplier to famous and well known coffee brands in India and a major chunk of the coffee produced is exported to different countries in the world by well established exporters who have been loyal customers to the plantation for decades.

MG Plantations with the intention to provide the Indian and international coffee consumers the best in experience of rich filter coffee have expanded their reach to the retail segment with launching their very own single origin premium Ground coffee brand – Baarbara Berry Coffee.

Along with Baarbara Berry Coffee MG plantations also cultivates and caters to various segments of buyers a distinct set of products which is inclusive of the Green Coffee and Black Pepper seeds.


MG Plantations

The partners and the promoters of MG Plantations have redefined the culture of coffee cultivation, with a passion for bringing out the best of class and quality coffee experience to Indian and international markets. The Indavara family has stood firm striving to achieve excellence and keep up the rich family heritage and the glory of the plantation. The existing four strong forces behind the plantations’ success and growth are:

Mr. I M Poornesh, with a strong knowledge of the coffee cultivation techniques and expertise in determining the coffee lifespan, Mr. Poornesh leads the coffee production activities at MG Plantations. Owing to the many number of years of experience in coffee cultivation he has mastered the art of determining the best quality of coffee. His zeal and passion towards coffee cultivation has kept our quality standards always setting new milestones.

Mrs. Sudha Poornesh, the driving force of MG Plantations, Mrs. Poornesh has been the strength to our organization. She has guided MG Plantations with care and stood by every milestone with firmness, providing her strategic inputs when needed, she has been a great source of inspiration and continues to contribute immensely to the growth of our business with her polished skills in strategic decision making.

Mr. Sreekara I P with hands on experience and expertise in marketing and sales has diligently ensured that our coffee brand has reached the right segment and class of audience in Indian and international markets and swept their taste buds to seventh heaven.

Mr. Sreeraksha I P heads the coffee procuring and plays an integral role in maintaining the quality and standard of the coffee grown from our farms. His expertise in operations and quality check mechanisms ensures the best quality seeds reach our customers.