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Baarbara Berry Coffee

Captivating aroma, excellent texture and rich flavour, Baarbara Berry is a single origin premium Ground coffee blend catered in Indian and International markets. Baarbara Berry Coffee is sourced from high altitudes of 3850 - 5350 feet from the Hills of Western Ghats where coffee in its purest form is produced. Baarbara Berry Coffee is a combination of India’s most preferred Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Every cup of Baarbara Coffee brewed at your kitchens is filled with a mesmerizing aroma and taste that refreshes your senses and rejuvenates your energy every morning!



by MG Plantations

Product Features

Single origin, rich in density, excellent texture, pure and unblended flavor, and refreshing aroma are some of the distinct inherent features of Baarbara Berry Coffee. Cultivated on high elevations of the pristine Western Ghats, Baarbara Berry Coffee is a true delight to every filter coffee lover!

Meet the Creative Team
  • High elevation

    Excellent in texture, rich in density coffee beans extracted from high elevations

  • Single Origin Coffee

    Pure, unblended coffee sourced from vast stretch of flawless lush green plantations

  • Rich in Quality

    The best in quality, Grade A coffee beans reach your coffee cup

  • Premium Ground coffee

    A treat to the new generation filter coffee lovers

  • Captivating aroma

    Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with every cup of Baarbara filter coffee

  • Food Grade Packaging

    The stand up pouches retains the fresh coffee until the last bean exhausts

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